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Hackety Hack 0.5

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Hackety Hack 0.5Description

Hackety Hack is a software application that will teach you programming from the ground up and the best part is that no previous experience is required.
This program will teach you Ruby programming language, which is widely used for programs, desktop apps and websites.
Shoes toolkit is used to make graphical interfaces and works very easy.Simple but powerfull designThe simple interface is built beautifully and has all the controls placed in the main window of the application so that the user will have easy access.
A tour of the program is first offered to the user, so he can quickly learn how to use the program and maximize the chances of learning Ruby.
The main window has two large sections, one for the lessons heading and the other one for the lesson details.
You can also go through the pages if you want to skip a lesson or a chapter and can even use the quick commands on the side band to access fast the information you require.
The software application has even a cheat sheet for those who want to stay ahead of the lessons or simply need all the data condensed in one place.
The program also has an editor function that lets you run your code when you are learning or soon after when you are practicing the lessons.
The software application comes with a help button and function needed to help you get back on track when you can't find the answer to a question.
ConclusionHackety Hack is great if you are searching for a program to help you learn programming and especially Ruby.
A good number of points go also to the interface which is very easy to use and has all the main commands right were you need them and even a PC beginner can now learn Ruby.
Overall, if you are trying to learn programming or Ruby in particular, this is a great way to start your learning journey.
Reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu, last updated on April 2nd, 2014

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